Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pizza and Breadstick Dinner

What I've failed to mention is that there was a second loaf just after the first and right before this dinner. It was an italian white loaf...which just meant I added basil and olive oil was substituted for milk. But, like the first loaf, it still sits on the counter, unloved.

So, lets skip to what WAS loved.

First up were these amazing breadsticks from Salad in a Jar. I didn't twist them correctly, because all the twist was lost in the rising and baking. They were so good and my kids devoured them. I would give these garlic sticks a 7. They were light, fluffy and easy to make. They lose points because of the effect on my hips due to the butter. A great sometimes treat though.

before rising
before rising

before cooking
garlic bread sticks

after cooking
garlic bread sticks

The previous night I had made some pizza dough. The recipe came straight from the book provided with the bread maker. It was refrigerated over night.

pizza dough

and turned into two tasty pizzas the next day. These were yummy. A 6 on the scale, not because of anything, just because they lacked anything that would make my tastebuds run away screaming in joy. It was dough. Good. Not great.

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