Bread Dictionary

If you are new to this like me, there are quite a few terms you may come across and think "What the hell is that?" and then go Google. Why Google? I'll list them all here. After all, I'll probably forget and need to look them up again at some point.

  • Punching the dough: It isn't a fist fight that you might not win. It is simply placing your fist down in to the dough to deflate it. Then do it around the edges, too, pushing the dough to the center. They say its to get the air out and prepare it for forming the loaf. I think there is an angry bread baker somewhere that needs a hug. I can't actually find too many people who think this is a good idea. Instead, try turning or folding the dough.
  • Turning and folding...when I figure it out, I'll get back to you.

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