Monday, January 2, 2012

now that is a better loaf

A second post in one day? I promise I'm only making up for tomorrow where it is rather likely that there will be no bread making happening in this house.

You may remember in the baguette post my complaining about dense bread. A friend on Facebook suggested I try something different. Something...that breaks the rules...I didn't put the yeast in last. And I didn't keep it away from the water. Eek! The recipe suggested putting the water, yeast and sugar in the pan first and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Then I added the rest of my ingredients, adding the flour and salt last. You can find the recipe my friend posted called "Best Bread Machine Recipe." I actually used the Zojirushi recipe for 100% whole wheat bread, 1.5lb.

whole wheat loaf

My friend told me it would produce a much lighter bread and it did. It is delicious. I'm not going to rate it until I have a good slice. I only had a half of piece to try it, but the rest is going to the kids school for their daily soup contribution. I'll be making myself a loaf very soon for lunches and I'll update when I have  decent sandwich made from this delicious smelling bread.

whole wheat loaf

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